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At Smart and Simple, our mission is to build, market and administrate niche health and supplemental insurance products and technologies which are simple to understand, quote, purchase and smart to have.

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Health Insurance Affiliate Program And Partnerships

Join our affiliate program and unlock a world of opportunities to generate traffic and enroll individuals in smart and simple health insurance products. With our program, it’s as easy as driving traffic to your branded affiliate portal and earning money on every new enrollment. We handle everything from customer management to the entire lifecycle of their experience, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Our health insurance marketplace offers a comprehensive range of insurance products, including major medical, short-term plans, vision and dental plans, accident coverage, and life insurance, all provided in partnership with leading carriers.

What Are Revenue Sharing Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs are an exciting way for me to earn money by promoting products or services on behalf of a company. Here’s how it works: I sign up for an affiliate program and get a unique link or code that I can share with others. When people use my link to make a purchase, I earn a commission or a percentage of the sale. It’s like being a brand ambassador! The best part is, I don’t need to worry about handling payments or shipping products because the company takes care of all that. All I have to do is focus on promoting the products I love and earning money while doing it. It’s a fantastic opportunity to turn my passion into profit!

Current Affiliates

Shop and save on health, dental, vision, accident, life insurance benefits through our strategic partnership insurance marketplace.

Here’s some of our partners:

Who We Are

Over four million people have obtained health insurance through our enrollment portals. With variety of products for customers to build an insurance plan specific to their needs, makes our offerings “smart” to have.

Our Major Carriers And Partners

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