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Create Your Own Health Insurance Marketplace

Sasid, Inc Affiliate Program

Smart and Simple Insurance Development (SASid) has made a name for itself in building insurance software to make access to insurance simple to quote, understand, compare and enroll. Over four million people have had ease of access to getting affordable health insurance using our software.  With variety of products for customers to build an insurance plan specific to their needs, makes the our offerings “smart” to have. 

Generate Traffic And Enroll Your People

Helping People Find Smart and Simple Health Insurance Products

It’s Simple. Really. Drive traffic and new enrollments to your branded affiliate portal and earn money on new enrollments.

We Take Care Of Everything. And We Mean It.  When one of YOUR customers visits YOUR portal, YOUR job is done.

Our Job Is To Take Care Of Your Customers. We manage the entire lifecycle of the customers experience.

Full Array Of Insurance Products

All Health Insurances

Your Health Insurance Marketplace has a complete line of medical insurance anyone may need. We only partner with major carriers.


All Insurance Types Offered:

  • Major Medical
  • Short-Term
  • Vision and Dental Plans
  • Accident
  • Life Insurance

You get it all

Everything Is Included, All Of It

And the best news is, you don’t even need to touch it.

The platform and technolgy is plug and play, our call center is your call center. Don’t worry about collecting money, the billing department handles that.

Dedicated Call Center

Smart and Simple Affiliates are given their phone number to be used for your affiliate business. We pick up the phone and answer with the name of your Health Insurance Marketplace and our sincere, licensed call center staff will answer questions and take phone enrollments.

Branded Portals 

When you affiliate with Smart and Simple, we set your business up with it’s own branded page for users to browse HUNDREDS of health insurance plans from major carriers. The insurance products cover major medical, short term health, accident, vision, dental and life insurance.

Your Own Admin View

To monitor the activity of your Health Insurance Marketplace, we provide you with Administrative access into our proprietary billing system so you can see your earnings in real-time.

Billing, we do that to!

As an affiliate, you are hands free in process of your customer selecting, enrolling and billing to earn commisons. Our billing department handles all payments, coordinates with insurance carriers and handle customer disputes with respect and transparency.

Who We Are Looking For

Our compensation for new enrollments is lucrative. As an affiliate, the more enrollments you have the more you make.

We are interested in working with you, if you are:

  • A group or association with over 100 members
  • Small and Medium sized businesses that need Voluntary benefits
  • Tenacious individuals who know how to market to niche markets

Are You A Licensed Agent And Need A Platform To Enroll?

We have a separate program for licensed agents, you may want to look at.

Who Are We?

Smart and Simple Insurance Development is a nationally licensed and recognized health insurance agency looking to be sincere and help people access and understand insurance. The old days of enrollment kept the insurance market stagnant. With innovation and 20 years of experience, we built our own quoting and billing platforms and are extending that technology to affiliates and partners.

How Much Can I Make?

Let us know who you are and what your market is. We will send you more information on payouts on enrollments.

Our Major Carriers and Partners 

Meet SASid – Your Insurance Experts

Smart and Simple is powered by SASid Inc. and is administrated by InsuranceTPA.com. SASid is an acronym for “Smart and Simple insurance development” and is the backbone of what we do. We are a nationally licensed and recognized health insurance agency looking to be sincere and help people access and understand insurance. We don’t want you to be intimidated. Contact one of our product specialists below to answer your questions.

SASid, Inc. was co-founded by brothers Shannon Kennedy (President) and Shawn Kennedy (Vice President) in 1999. The Kennedy brothers were born into the insurance business. Their father Daniel Kennedy ran an insurance company which built and distributed insurance programs for local associations in the state of Wisconsin. Their father used to tell everyone that the first words out of Shannon and Shawn’s mouths were “deductible” and “copay”. They combined their lifelong knowledge of insurance with their passion for technology and innovation. The Kennedy brothers both received their insurance licenses right out of high school and started selling insurance during their college careers