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What Is Short Term Health Insurance Used For?

A Short Term Health Insurance plan can help you with basic medical coverage during gaps in insurance coverage before you are able to obtain a qualified Affordable Care Act plan. The premiums for these plans are quite affordable, though they provide fewer “essential health benefits” than comprehensive ACA health plans and have much higher deductibles. Most of these plans last up to 12 months, but you may cancel at any time without penalties.

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It’s A Smart Insurance Solution For Those In Good Health

Many healthy people use Short Term plans as their primary health insurance to protect from the high medical costs of unexpected injuries or illnesses. Since this option does not provide benefits for pre-existing conditions or pregnancy; the cost is affordable and your out-of-pocket limit is predictable. You can even use any U.S. licensed provider and some plans include copays for doctor office visits or urgent care.

Pre-Existing Conditions Are Covered With Traditional Major Medical Health Insurance

Depending on your situation, Short Term Insurance may not be right for you.

If you have pre-existing conditions, take prescription medication or visit the doctor often, then you will want to choose traditional health insurance. These plans are similar to employer-sponsored health insurance.

* Availability may be different in some States

When You Should Choose A Short Term Health Plan?

There are two  situations where a short term medical insurance plan may be a good fit.

  • When you need health insurance and it’s not yet a federal open enrollment period to purchase a qualified health plan
  • You are in between jobs and cannot afford COBRA, until you’re able to enroll in your next employers group health policy

You Can Purchase Short Term Health Insurance Through Private Exchanges

Short Term Health insurance is available for individuals and families. A private health insurance exchange marketplace like Smart and Simple have hundreds of plans to choose from. These exchanges offer quick enrollment online or over the phone. Your out of pocket costs for these premiums will be less expensive, but you must weigh out the amount of health insurance coverage you may need. These plans are not recommended for those with pre-existing conditions or looking to become pregnant during the time period of the coverage.

Smart and Simple Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

Many of the short term medical insurance options provide coverage for preventative care, doctor and clinic visits, urgent care and emergency room. Some plans come with prescription drug coverage but only for new medication and not those you take for pre-existing conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short Term Medical Plans Do Not Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

Temporary health insurance plans do not meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act to be considered a qualified traditional health plan. You won’t find short term insurance plans on the federal marketplace. They do not cover pre-existing conditions which also includes existing pregnancies and maternity care. Depending on the plan, you may be disqualified from enrollment based on your previous medical history.

Again, these plans are designed to provide minimum essential coverage and preventative care. If you have new conditions after starting a short term plan, those will become pre-existing conditions if you need to pick up additional short term coverage after your plan ends.

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