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What Is Occupational Accident Insurance For Truckers?

Occupational accident insurance coverage provides medical, disability, death and dismemberment benefits for accidents that occur on the job. These benefits give independent truckers additional financial security when they are taken off the road.
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Smart and Simple Occupational Accident Insurance

Occupational Accident Insurance that goes farther than other plans out there.

  • No “Pre-Existing Conditions” Clause – Other policies will exclude reoccurence of past accidental injuries.
  • No “Under Dispatch” Requirement – You are covered when you have your load and you are covered after your drop off and drive home.
  • No “Current and Valid CDL” Requirement – In the possible case that your license becomes suspended, you are still covered.
  • No Accidental Death Payment Sublimits – Your accidental death benefit will pay according to the schedule, regardless of who the beneficiary is.
  • Accidental Dismemberment Covers Loss Of Use – Other plans will only cover a total severage.

Benefits For 1099 Contracted Truck Drivers / Owner Operators That Suffer An On The Job Injury

  • Medical treatments
  • Lost pay or wage replacement while you recover
  • Benefits if you become permanently disabled
  • Beneficiary payments in the event of death
  • Passenger Accident, Death and Dismemberment benefits

Types Of Health Insurance For Truckers

Over 120,000 Injury Crashes Each Year Involve Large Trucks

Out of 2 million tractor trailers on the road, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimated 120,000 injury accidents involving large trucks in the year 2018.(1)

Having Occupational Accident Insurance is a must. It’s affordable and most of all, it can help pay the bills when you are recovering from accidents and injuries. Your medical treatments are taken care of. There’s the benefit for wage replacement.

Getting Occupational Accident Insurance is Simple To Get and Smart To Have.

Many Jobs Require Occupational Accident Insurance To Contract With Them

Depending who you are driving for, they may require you to carry this type of insurance. In some instances, companies will purchase occupational accident insurance for their contractors.

That’s a great perk! Though, it’s recommended the more coverage you have, the better. 

Plans start at $28/month

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can Independent Owner Operator Truck Drivers Elect New Insurance

You may get health insurance at any time. Though, there are restrictions and deadlines you may have to meet depending on the type of insurance. Find more information on when you may enroll and the types of insurance available for truckers. 

When am I eligible to change Major Medical Insurance Plans?

Each year (typically in November), the federal government has an open enrollment period when anyone, regardless of reason may choose to drop their current plan and find new major medical insurance coverage. During this time you may select new plans from either the federal or private marketplace.

How can I get individual health insurance outside of open enrollment?

You may be eligible for new insurance when a qualifying event happens where you would lose your health insurance, such as quitting a job or with employer-sponsored insurance or being laid-off. These events allow you to obtain new health insurance through either private or federal health exchanges. Most major medical insurance starts on the 1st of a month. You may need to utilize short-term medical or COBRA until you can start a new plan.

Can I get COBRA Insurance Continuation?

COBRA is a federal law that allows employed worker to keep their insurance if that insurance would be lost to quitting your job, being laid-off or having your hours reduced where you are no longer eligible.

If you have left your job to create your own greener pastures, you may qualify for COBRA insurance that would allow you to continue on your former workplace insurance you had.

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