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Health Insurance for Truck Drivers

Commercial truck drivers are essential in American society, acting as the mainstay of our commerce. It’s often said that “Without Trucks, America Stops,” which highlights your importance. Whether driving across the country or just around town, you play a vital role in our economy.

Your hard work transporting goods and materials to consumers keeps our nation running smoothly and helps avoid disruptions. It’s important to remember that your health and well-being are key to the success of our transportation and delivery systems in the United States.

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Types Of Health Insurance For Independent Owner Operators Truck Drivers

You may get health insurance at any time. The following plans are available to drivers. Most plans start with next day coverage and you may cancel at any time.


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Traditional Health Insurance

“Major Medical” is traditional health insurance like a group-health plan that is available to W-2 employees. Meets the Affordable Care Act standards of coverage.

Traditional Health Insurance covers pre-existing conditions.

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Short-Term Medical Insurance

Sometimes referred to as “gap insurance”, a short-term medical plan is health insurance that covers new illnesses and injuries.

As it is term insurance, you may cancel at anytime.

Occupational Accident

Our plans offer truckers the legal coverage they need for accidental medical expenses, disability income, and accidental death and dismemberment. It’s immediate peace of mind, allowing you to focus solely on your driving responsibilities.

Accident Supplemental Insurance

Benefits can be used to pay for emergency treatment, medical transportation and lodging. Use the money for whatever you need, like mortgage payments, credit card payments, car payments, daycare or business costs.

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Vision Insurance

See the difference a vision plan can have on your health and your wallet! In these times, a vision plan can help save you money on exams, lenses, frames and more!

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance can provide coverage for preventive, basic, and major dental expenses with the dentist of your choice. Also, some plans include orthodontia, teeth whitening and more.


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Simple Term Life Insurance

The most selfless thing you can do for your loved ones in case of a future without you.  Your rate is guaranteed for a 5-year term period.

You can keep your policy until you decide you do not need it.

Cancel any time.

Yes, you’re accepted! No Medical Questions or Exam.

Quick and simple with guaranteed acceptance.

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Owner / Operators 

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Identity Theft Protection

Securus ID stands out by offering advanced protection and monitoring, along with fully-managed recovery for all types of ID theft—financial, medical, and more. The service also covers Family Fraud, Acts of Terrorism, and pre-existing identity theft events. Certified Identity Specialists work tirelessly to restore your identity, and 24/7 online case management keeps you updated. Additional perks include Lost Wallet assistance, Social Media Monitoring, and up to $1 million in Expense Reimbursement Insurance, among other features.

Your Personal Benefits Specialist

Greg Hellmich serves as the healthcare consultant for the Professional Truck Drivers division at Smart & Simple Insurance. With a robust background spanning 35 years in the insurance sector and experience as a trucker, Greg brings invaluable insight into the unique challenges faced by truck drivers seeking affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage. His firsthand knowledge, gained from both his time on the road and in managing insurance policies, informs his approach to offering tailored solutions for accident protection in this demanding profession.

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Driving Over The Road

There are over 2 million truck drivers in the United States.(1) The physical demands are well known. Long hours of sitting lead to chronic pain and back injuries. Staying focused and alert while driving roads and highways can lead to poor sleeping habits.

Did you know 28% of all drivers have sleep apnea?(2)

The Affordable Care Act Individual Mandate

The Affordable Care Act has an individual mandate that all persons in the United States carry a federal certified major medical healthcare insurance plan. Having health insurance coverage for you and your family will provide security that you can get treated by doctors in hospitals and clinics, when you are on or off the road.

3 Ways Truckers Get Health Insurance

1. Enroll In Qualified Health Plans Certified By The Health Insurance Marketplace During Open Enrollment Periods

The federal government creates an “open enrollment period” where you may change your major medical health insurance without a qualifying event (such as getting new employer-sponsored health with a new job). This is when O/Os may drop their current insurance and find new major medical policies. The certified health plans offered on private marketplaces are required to provide essential health benefits, cover pre-existing conditions and has limits on deductibles, copayments and out-of-pocket maximum amounts. These are policies that are similar to employer-sponsored insurance.

2. You Can Enroll Anytime For Short-Term Medical Policies

Though the benefits are not as robust as an ACA-compliant plan, Short Term Health Insurance can save you money in insurance premiums. These plans are recommended for persons that are in relatively good health. You need to consider that short-term health insurance plans may deny any claims considered as pre-existing conditions and not pay for treatments for medical conditions you may have had before the plan started.
If you are just getting started with owner/operator trucking, an affordable Short-Term Medical Policy may help control your costs and you build your career.

3. Check If You Can Receive Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program

If you are 65 years old and not receiving social security, you may have to sign up for Medicare.(3) If you are not nearing retirement age, you may qualify for assistance through the federal Medicare program or Children’s Health Insurance Program, also known as CHIP.

Medicaid eligibility is determined based on your income from being a truck driver. Medicare is also available for the elderly, pregnant women and adults and children with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many Trucker Insurance Websites Mention Med-Share Programs. Are These A Scam?

Med-Share programs are Faith-based insurance cost sharing groups. Your monthly payment goes into an escrow account for all members. You request reimbursement for medical expenses.  If you are looking for a PPO plan through Med Cost Sharing program, you will need to wait for open enrollment. It’s important for you to know that these are not federal Healthcare Marketplace approved plans.

Why Do I Need Occupational Accident Insurance?

As an Independent Owner Operator, your health and wellbeing are on you. If you are injured in an accident, Occupational Accident Insurance can provide a benefit for lost wages. This will help cover a gap in your income. Some companies that you contract with may provide this insurance ahead of time.

What Long Term Health Do Problems Truckers Suffer From?

A survey by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) found long-haul truck drivers have the following medical conditions: (4)

    • 14% have Diabetes
    • 26% have High Blood Pressure / Hypertension
    • 75% reported low physical activity


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