In a nutshell, health insurance is a way of covering the price of your medical bills and health treatment. Most people are unable to pay for all of their health-care expenses out of pocket and must rely on a debit or credit card to do so.

Health insurance can make it easier to pay for medical expenses and ensure that you receive the care you require.

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Why Should I Invest in Medical Insurance?

There are two reasons to having health insurance in general:

  • If you fall sick, health insurance will help you.
  • Health insurance can help you avoid being ill in the first place.

How to Obtain Health Insurance?

Option 1: Purchase health insurance through the government’s health insurance marketplace.

Option 2: Getting on an employer’s group health plan.

Option 3: Purchase directly from an insurance carrier.

Option 4: Purchase via an online health insurance broker


Healthcare Marketplace Exchanges

If you need major medical insurance that offers the same qualified health plans that you would find on, you should check out a private health insurance exchange. You’ll find the same health plans that are on the federal government website. The premiums are the same. The key differences are private exchanges have a larger variety of plans and getting a hold of customer service is easy.

Using a private health marketplace, such as Smart and Simple Insurance, has the advantage of licensed agents who can guide you through your healthcare options. Working with a licensed insurance agent or enrolling online through the federal marketplace is far faster than using the government healthcare exchanges, according to many consumers. In addition, private health insurance exchanges will provide ACA-compliant policies.

You won’t pay more with Smart and Simple Insurance than you would on the government marketplaces. You have access to professional insurance agents that can help you locate the best medical plan for you or your family. The majority of major medical insurance policies exclude dental and vision care. Many various options are available on private health marketplace exchanges, including dental and vision coverage as well as term life insurance contracts.

Federal Health Insurance For Seniors

There are numerous types of health insurance policies available. Some plans are run by the government, while others are run by private companies.

  1. Medicare is a health-insurance program for persons over the age of 65, as well as those people under the age of 65 who are disabled.
  2. Medicaid is a type of health insurance for low-income people.

When Is Federal Open Enrollment This Year?

You can still purchase health insurance for 2021. The Affordable Care Act open enrollment is Nov 9 through Dec 14, 2021. This is the time that you may change your major medical insurance to another qualified health plan.

Special Enrollment Period

You’re eligible for a Special Enrollment Period because of a life event such as losing health insurance you had through an employer, getting married, moving or having a baby. Even if you haven’t been eligible in the past, you may be eligible for financial assistance to help pay for coverage if you are eligible.

Medicaid and CHIP

You may be eligible for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program if you meet certain criteria (CHIP). For more information visit to get started.

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