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At Smart and Simple, we have seen first-hand that in life, the unexpected happens. Our mission is to make sure when things happen our customers are covered and can focus on recovering. Learn more about how we can help you.

We love fail videos. We know in life, $@#$ happens. Finding humor can make it a little better; after all, laughter is the best medicine. We’d love to use your unique fail video.

Has $@#$ Happened To You?

Send us a video file that shows us why we all need health insurance.  If your video is selected, we will send you $500 with your permission to include it in a series of web videos.

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Did We Mention $500?

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Meet SASid – Your Insurance Experts

Smart and Simple is powered by SASid Inc. and is administrated by SASid is an acronym for “Smart and Simple insurance development” and is the backbone of what we do. We are a nationally licensed and recognized health insurance agency looking to be sincere and help people access and understand insurance. We don’t want you to be intimidated. Contact one of our product specialists below to answer your questions.

SASid, Inc. was co-founded by brothers Shannon Kennedy (President) and Shawn Kennedy (Vice President) in 1999. The Kennedy brothers were born into the insurance business. Their father Daniel Kennedy ran an insurance company which built and distributed insurance programs for local associations in the state of Wisconsin. Their father used to tell everyone that the first words out of Shannon and Shawn’s mouths were “deductible” and “copay”. They combined their lifelong knowledge of insurance with their passion for technology and innovation. The Kennedy brothers both received their insurance licenses right out of high school and started selling insurance during their college careers