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Health Insurance Enrollment

Compare Plans: Short Term Health, Major Medical, Dental, Vision and Supplementary Insurance.

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What Type Of Coverage Do You Need?

  • Major Medical – Compare hundreds of Individual & Family plans
  • Short Term Health – As low as $85/month with $10k deductible
  • Dental Plans – Starting at $21/month
  • Vision Insurance – Starting at $5/month 
  • Supplemental Insurance – As low as at $38/month
  • TeleMedicine – Only $19.95/month, saving you hundreds in the long run

* Availability may be different in some States

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Self-Employed And Contract Workers

Many independent workers can find major medical plans on The government exchanges only carry ACA certified plans.

Another option for finding health insurance coverage is on a private health marketplace, like Smart and Simple Insurance. Private exchanges have more plans than You can find major medical insurance, dental and vision plans, short-term insurance, supplementary health insurance and TeleMedicine subscriptions.

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Who We Are

Over four million people have obtained health insurance through our enrollment portals. With variety of products for customers to build an insurance plan specific to their needs, makes our offerings “smart” to have.

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